2001 Founders Tour

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 The 2001 Founders Tour was for all vehicles built from 1936 to 1976. 

This was a AACA National tour which required membership in AACA. 

Our Tour was held: 
Sunday, July 29, 2001 thru Friday, August 3, 2001 

This tour was a tour thru rural upstate New York State on some of the most beautiful country roads that you will ever run. 

Our host Location was the Marriott Thruway Hotel in 
Upstate NY, Rochester NY. 


We have decided we need have the following registration process for our Founders Tour. Due to the 400 request for information and the high interest in the tour from over 30 states we implemented the following registration process. 

We mailed out all registration packets on May 1, 2001.   Applicants were instructed that they could not return the registration application before May 12, 2001.  That meant that you could not have a postmark before 5-12-01. If it was postmarked before May 12, the application would be returned to be resubmitted.  We took the first 200 cars with the May 12 post mark or later. This gave all members from across the country an equal opportunity to apply.  It wasn't not be based on when it arrives but when it was postmarked.   

Our registration cut off was June 12, 2001 but we are sold out in days.  

Tuesday May 15, 2001 update 

We received 134 car applications on Monday morning the 14th of May and another 40 applications on Tuesday morning. We expect a lot on mail that was postmarked on May 12 is still in transit to us since we have applicants from over 30 states and Canada. 

Saturday May 26, 2001 update

In the next several days we will be reviewing all the applications.  We have entered all of applications into our registration system and preparing a letter to each applicant.  Things look very good for accepting all applications mailed in on the 12th of May.  By mid next week we will be sending out confirmation to all applications received to date 

We have 220 applications receive to date. 


A preliminary summary of our day tours

SUNDAY: Our warm-up tour will be choice of several different stops. One will be a very interesting excellent private pedal Car restoration shop, the second alternative will be Ridge Road Station, a outstanding store that has the largest display of each of these three items in the northeast: G model trains, christmas ornaments, and toys. The 3rd option will be the Victorian Doll Museum who have 3000 dolls and accessories items in their museum. Following the tour you choose we invite you to be featured for a few hours at our clubs annual show of a about 300 cars, Each tour attendee showing up at our meet will receives some items as thanks for supporting our show with your visit.

Sunday evening we will officially begin our Founders Tour with a kick-off banquet at the Marriott Thruway Hotel.

Monday: A coffee Stop visit will be at one of the most beautiful mansions in the north east; Sonnenburg Mansion and gardens, after that stop we will tour thru the beautiful finger lakes area to world renowned 'Watkins Glen NASCAR Road Course' (formerly Grand Prix Race) for lunch and two laps on the track with our cars. Our day will end with a visit to an award winning Winery. 

Tuesday: We will tour part way up to Niagara Falls, Canada (One of the 7 wonders of the world) where we will pick up some busses to take us in to Canada. (Parking for 200 cars in Canada is impossible and also border crossing is a very lengthy process in a private vehicle).  In Canada we will take a ride on the Maid of the Mist to the base of the falls, we will walk behind the Falls, have a outstanding buffet lunch overlooking the falls, and have the opportunity to visit many scenic areas such as the Botanical Gardens, Butter Fly museum, historic downtown main Street, horseshoe falls and lots more. (Even the New Niagara casino)

Wednesday: We tour down to Letchworth State Park for a coffee break and to view the beautiful 'Grand Canyon of the East'.  After a scenic tour along the canyon and Genesee River we will visit the outstanding collections of the Genesee Country museum featuring A world famous sporting Art collection including Remington Bronze sculptures, 41 Carriages, and 51 authentically restored 18th and 19th century buildings.

Thursday: We have a enjoyable morning tour and journey in to Rochester. In Rochester we will split in 2 groups - one group will visit the George Eastman Homestead and Gardens. The George Eastman Facilities is the depository for most of the rare and antique films in the world. While at that facilities the rest of the tour group will be at the Strasenburgh Planetarium to see a star show and a 360 Degree movie on the Dome.  In conjunction with the Planetarium we will visit the Rochester Museum to view a large collection of Indian history. (The groups will trade sites in the afternoon.)

Friday: Friday we will tour more of the finger lakes and will stop for a coffee break at a personal automobile collection of the owner of the Oldest Buick agency in the country and then off to the Glen Curtiss aviation and motorcycle museum for lunch and then to another winery. Other exciting sites will be planned.

Friday evening will wrap up our weeklong tour with a closing Banquet.


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