COTM 2011_11

1932 DeSoto Roadster

 Owned and Restored by Roy (Gene) Harr

 In early 1972, my brother, who worked for a telephone company in Ohio, was working on communication equipment in southern Ohio.  He saw the DeSoto in a farm building.  He talked to the owner and was told he would be willing to sell it.  My brother then called me in Fairport to tell me about it.  The following weekend we went to see the car.  At the time, I did not know that the 1932 DeSoto Roadster was a rare car.  The car had the top assembly missing, broken windshield frame and glass, wrong headlights, the taillights were off and lying inside the car.  The rumble seat was also missing.  It had been painted in red Rust-oleum

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COTM 2011_10

1949 American LaFrance 700 series Aerial Ladder


 This truck is owned by GVACS members Pat & Nelson Thorpe, It is the 8th vehicle in our large collection of vehicles to be shown at an AACA national meet and is the only one to be HPOF certified.

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COTM 2011_08



 “The Hibbard Owens Ford”

 By Bob Mahoney

In 1955 I was fresh out of a two-year army tour of duty in Salzburg, Austria and, while renewing some old riendships, the subject of old cars came up.  It was then I learned of a 1915 Model “T” ford Roadster stored in a barn on Lima Road in Geneseo, New York.  I purchased this car from John and Anna Hammaker.  After a little research, I found that Hibbard Owens bought the “T” new from the Conlon Brothers Dealership in Geneseo.  Hibbard was a bachelor brother to Anna Hammaker and made his home with her and John.  The car was missing the rear fenders and sidelights, but other than that it was basically complete.  I had a pair of rear fenders made in California and shipped here Railway Express, and the sidelights were picked up in a local antique shop.  Apparently Hibbard did not like to hand crank the little car as a Gray and Davis starter/generator was on the engine when I bought it.  This I removed as I was young and hand cranking was macho.  I immediately sold it and now, at my age, I wish I had it back!  I commenced the restoration and after several months, it was finished and was time to enjoy it.

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COTM 2011_07


1976 Ford Mustang II Ghia owned by Nelson & Patrick Thorpe – by Pat Thorpe


This car is owned by GVACS members Nelson & Patrick Thorpe ofBloomfield,NY.  My dad and I have several vehicles in our collection, some restored, and some not.  This car is one of eight (8) vehicle that we have shown at AACA, and one of seven (7) to have won an AACA First Junior Award.  Together our collection includes

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COTM 2011_06

`My Corvette Odyssey`

Mission Creep, the reality of Corvette Restoration

By:MurrayStahl; circa 2011


It began very innocently at one of the Fall Carlisle shows that precede the Hershey AACA fandango by a week. I had been considering adding another antique car for a little while but had no actual plan to look for one just yet. I was still in that “what the hell do I really want” stage.

 I had resolved to return to my Sports Car days somehow but was now old enough to seek a little dependability.  Our first few cars after we were married were an Austin Healy, an MG and a Morris Minor convertible; most obviously suitable family cars. They all were great fun but you couldn’t go for a Qt. of milk

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COTM 2011_05



By Doug Susat

I received my copy of the Model T Club magazine  last winter and while browsing through the magazine, I saw the car advertised in it. It was a 1914 Model T Calliope and it caught my eye right away. I called the number listed and talked to with the owner. Between the conversation with the owner and the picture, it seemed too good to be true. Jadwiga and I decided to take a trip down to Argyle, Texas to check out the car.

We left Rochester on January 26, 2012 and flew to Dallas/Forth Worth airport arriving just past noon. We rented a car and started off on our adventure. Driving through Forth Worth, Jadwiga drove the car while I was the navigator. We did miss a turn

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