COTM 2012_11


1978 Ford Bronco

owned by Nelson & Patrick Thorpe – by Pat Thorpe

This car is owned by GVACS members Nelson & Patrick Thorpe of Bloomfield, NY. My dad and I have completed several restorations at this time, and this car is one of many vehicles in our collection.

Bronco History:

In 1966 Ford had come out with the Bronco, but after several years, it’s time for replacement had come. The original Bronco was built to compete with the Jeep CJ, and Ford had nothing to compete with the Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy.

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COTM 2012_07


By Merrill Parker 

I  was in attendance at the 2011 Spring Carlisle, Pa. event and enjoying myself; as I looked at all the cars on the grounds.  I spotted a 1941 Chevrolet Coupe.  I grew up with Chevrolets, as my dad always drove them and I in turn have always driven them.  I became very interested in this coupe, especially since 1941 is also my year of birth.  Some have asked which of us has survived these 70 years the best!

 The car was for sale by a dealer from Massachusetts.  He did not have much information on it, except that it had been in a small car collection nearby Carlisle.  I was able to drive it around the grounds and it ran very well.  Therefore, I purchased the car.  When I received the Pennsylvania Title I contacted the person listed on the 1990 Title-George Wolfe.  He did in fact live only a few miles from Carlisle, PA.  He related the following to me:

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COTM 2012_06

A Special Friend of 43 Years Preston E. Pierce Like most GVACS members, I have a special vehicle that captured my heart some 43 years ago. While my 1969 Buick Special isn’t much of a show piece, it is very “special” to me! Sometime after it rolled off the GM assembly line in Oshawa, Ontario, it was delivered to the C&G Buick dealership in Emmaus, Pa. (near Allentown).

I was in the market for a new car that Spring of 1969. I had been driving a 1963 Buick Special for several years. In May, the head gasket blew while I was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the aluminum block was a hopeless case. My folks had Buick Specials so it was just natural for me to look in that direction. The only problem was my lack of money. I was a $70-a-week high school teacher not too long since released from active duty in the Army. However, one day, there it was. My dream (ie. cheap) car was right there in a box ad in the Allentown Morning Call. All I needed was the $2323 purchase price! My dad was an accountant and a product of the Great Depression who believed in loans—at interest-- not gifts. So, we made a deal!

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COTM 2012_05

by Russell Laidlaw

I saw an ad in the Antique Automobile magazine for the ’23 Lincoln in early 1972. It was located in Springfield, Massachusetts. I called and made arrangements to come and look at the car on March 11, 1972. My friend and fellow car enthusiast, Fred Rouse, and I drove up there looked the car over and test drove it. It ran well and looked pretty good for a mostly original car but was not quite as nice as I had expected from the description and photo the owner had previously sent. The asking price was $8000.00. I told the owner I would think it over and get back to him. On the way home, Fred and I talked it over and decided it was not worth the asking price in its present condition. On March 13, 1972, I wrote and offered $6000.00 for the car with the stipulation that the offer was good until the end of the month. On the last day of the month, I received a phone call from the owner saying that my offer was the best he had received and he would accept it. On May 6, 1972 I brought the Lincoln home on my trailer.

COTM 2012_04

Dick Barrett's 1955 Ford Victoria

My not so original 1955 Ford Victoria

by Dick Barrett

I have a couple of Ford Model A’s (a 1929 Tudor and a 1931 Victoria) and a 1950 Ford Fordor that my family and I have been enjoying since the 1990’s. In 2010, I had sold a 1931 Ford Pick-up that I owned for twenty two years and decided I wanted something newer.

Even though I’ve driven the 1929 Model A as far as Williamsburg, Virginia and put over 40,000 miles on the 1950 Ford since I bought it in 1998, I wanted something that was better for long trips and more comfortable over the road. I wanted it to be a Ford, have a V8, and have an overdrive transmission. When I was a teenager, a good friend of mine had a 1956 Ford with a 292 Y-Block V8 and dual exhaust with Smitty mufflers. I always liked that car and the sound of its exhaust.

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By Dot Gaylord

Having been raised on a farm in West Irondequoit, there were two things I always loved – horses, and anything with wheels, including tractors, pick-up trucks and cars. I was always begging my dad to let me drive the tractors, but my mom was a city girl and did not think it was proper for a young lady from St. Margaret Mary to be driving tractors.
My dad would let me drive the tractors in the back fields, but my driving time was mostly relegated to pulling the planter and making sure the rows were kept straight. The best part, however, was when he unhitched the old planter and let me take the tractor back up to the barn at full speed, what freedom! I wasn’t old enough for a license so I also spent many hours driving my parents’ ’61 Dodge Dart back and forth, over and over in the driveway. It’s a good thing gas was cheap.

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